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Cybersecurity Symposium

This annual symposium co-hosted with the College of Informatics brings together IT and security professionals and data security and privacy attorneys for a one-day event focusing on cybersecurity challenges, legal issues, risk management, and best practices. As security breaches become more common at all levels of society – from the presidential to the personal – the Lunsford Academy continues to introduce students to the growing field of cybersecurity and cyber risk management.


Technology is becoming fully integrated in the practice of law. Modern legal work is now more dependent on the use of technology, in and out of the office, in order to practice more efficiently, serve clients more effectively, and better manage life.

ABA TECHSHOW is where lawyers, legal professionals, and technology all come together. Lunsford Scholars will attend ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago and learn about the most useful and practical technologies available to assist in their own future efficiency and effectiveness as attorneys.

Women of Legal Tech Summit

ABA Law Practice Division, ABA TECHSHOW, and the Lunsford Academy produce an interactive think tank on closing the gender gap for women in legal technology. The all-day conference includes multiple short presentations, a recognition of the annual Legal Technology Resource Center’s Women of Legal Tech Honorees, and interactive workshops on closing the gender gap. View more information about this year’s Summit here.

Cybersquatting and Brand Protection

Lunsford Academy faculty shared insights on cybersquatting and its relation to domain names with the local business and law community. They also discussed protecting your brand against attacks within social media.

Symposium on Controversies & Issues in Internet Law

Professors and practitioners gathered to discuss and analyze the future of the open internet, specifically in the matter of net neutrality including the European perspective on future regulations. They also debated balancing free online speech protections with national security and danger to society, including discussion of recent smartphone security and privacy issues between law enforcement and privacy advocates.

New Era in Gaming Law

The field of gaming law has grown quickly thanks in large part to the role technology has played in opening speculation on sports to a larger audience. Leaders in gaming law discussed the future of regulatory actions in fantasy sports and online gaming.